If you are looking for a physical job that occupies your time on weekends and holidays, then read further…

During the winter months (October through March), most of the work at our ranch is done by Brennan. Ranch work involves carrying fifty (50) pound bags of feed, rolling twelve-hundred (1200) pound bales of hay (as a team), cleaning manure, dumping a heavy wheelbarrow, and constant handling of horses.  Therefore it is a requirement that you be able to lift more then fifty (50) pounds! You must also have “horse sense” to keep yourself out of danger, be willing to volunteer for an entire work day, ride while supervising others, and be willing to do things our way.

In the spring (March) and into the summer we hire people who are willing to work as contractual employment/on-call basis. The work is physical and the summer elements include high humidity, hot days, and wind.  We pay a daily rate to “guides”.



A “guide” is a person who carries out the following duties:
Reports to work at designated time, Herd horses on foot, place horses in stanchions, halter horses, lead horses, groom horses, saddle horses, bridle horses, pick horses hooves, clean up after horses, bathe horses, help doctor horses, assist guests, give instructions to guests, help guests mount horses, adjust stirrups for guests, keep the grounds clean, clean water troughs in paddocks and stanchions, clean tack area, clean tack and bits, clean anything else we ask you to clean, be respectful of our guests, follow our code of ethics, dress appropriately, handle emergencies with compassion and professionalism, ride and give instruction at the same time, follow our riding guidelines, follow our preferred riding style, build and repair fencing, and carries out other miscellaneous tasks. These duties apply to both male and female “guides”.  In addition, you must work well as a team, be a good communicator,  work well independently, and do things our way.  
Guides typically ride horses that need an experienced rider.
It is preferred that you have your own saddle.
A guide must be 18 years or older.


A position in the office will also require all of the above skill sets.
Office employees are expected to fill-in wherever needed, and respond to emergency situations.
All employees are cross-trained to work in both areas and are expected to follow our code of ethics at all times.


To apply: Stop in between 9-5 M-F and ask for Brennan
(Calling first is always a good idea) 361-949-4944.