We are a family facility and welcome young riders; they are the future of our business.

Although we wish to take everyone riding, there are a few stipulations that are beyond our control:

1.  Children must be at least 6 years old.  This is for their safety.
     In addition, our insurance company does not allow anyone younger to ride, sorry.
2.  Children ages 6 & 7 will have their horses tethered by a lead rope to our guides
3.  We do offer pony rides upon reservation.
4.  Riders 8 years old and up will ride their own horse
5.  We DO NOT allow any double riding for any reason.  For one it is not safe and
    while riding, there are too many factors beyond our control, that could spook a horse.
6.  Please do not request a variance on these rules.

We have guides on every ride to assist you and your children

Thank you and we hope to ride with you very soon.